Company Policy

The Company is an important regional organization involved in storage, dispatch, transport and related services. The good name of the Company is supported by the long-term work on building the Company based on honest and respectable dealing with customers.

The quality management system (QMS) and the environmental management system (EMS) represent an integral management system of the organization. The Company management undertakes to continuously improve the efficiency of the integrated management system, particularly through the set objectives, target values, programmes and control mechanisms.

Quality management:

  • meeting the requirements and wishes of our customers is the fundamental objective of the Company; customer’s satisfaction is always on the first place
  • services are provided to customers in the highest quality; customers encounter versatile willingness and assistance of the Company employees
  • the basic rules of conduct for the Company employees include positive approach, polite behaviour and representation also outside the workplace, high professionalism and professional level, reliability and respectability
  • our organization is purely a Czech company based in the region where it operates; it endeavours to offer high-quality services, supports regional sports, cultural and social activities
  • we aim our acts to enforcing the tradition and good name of the Company together with maximal effort to extend the quality and quantity of the offered services and thus the certainties of our customers
  • the Company creates favourable work conditions for its employees; employees help each other and strengthen the teamwork method of fulfilling assigned tasks; it is a matter of prestige to be employed by the Company

Environmental management system:

  • the Company undertakes to continuously improve its environmental profile while maintaining and developing its business activities
  • maintaining the conditions of healthy environment makes the organization liable to fulfil all the requirements of the valid acts and regulations on the protection of the environment and other imposed requirements
  • the organization prevents the incurrence of causes of potential harm to the environment and gradually tries to orientate to suppliers who introduce the principles of EMS into their activity or who have already introduced the system and who have solved the process of recycling or disposal of wastes
  • the Company openly and helpfully communicates with the public and provides the involved parties with true information on the impacts of its activity on the environment
  • the tools for sustainable improvements in the efficiency of the environmental management system mainly include identification, review and evaluation of the gravity of all environmental aspects, determination of objectives, target values and EMS programmes and a defined system of control mechanisms